Young Soloists

The Oporto International Dance Competition for Young Soloists is divided in 2 styles and 4 distinct stages:

Styles: Classical Ballet and Free Style

1st – Selection by Video
A Video of the candidate performing the variation they wish to compete should be sent to the organization. If the candidate wishes to compete in different styles the candidate must send a video for each style entered.

2nd – Semi final
In the semi-final, the candidates will present their variations on stage, in front of the jury and public.

3rd – Classical Ballet Class
Once the finalists are announced, the classical ballet finalists, will have two classes, in order to learn the exercises they will have to present on stage to the jury, at the beginning of the Final Round.
The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the candidates abilities, outside their variation.

4th – Final round
The candidates will once again present their variation in the style they were selected.
If the candidate enters more than 1 variation in a category, he/she will present the variation that the jury awarded the highest marks to.

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