We would like to thank our Sponsors for their commitment in supporting future artists in their formation and with that contribute for the development of the Dance teaching in general.

Fundação Millennium bcp

“Millenium BCP Foundation fosters partnerships with prestigious local agents, which enthusiastically and professionally develop relevant activities in a pro-social and pro-cultural environment.

CIB is one of these agents, showing that it is possible to create cultural value even through scarce resources. Besides, within this cultural sphere, CIB adds value to the community by promoting an enriched environment where the boundaries are dissolved and new dance talents emerge.”


OASM Consulting was created in 2001 with the objective of providing quality services in information systems. The main area of action is the SAP Software Consulting, always seeking to overcome the challenges posed by our customers.

As we value and support our human resources which are identified with the constant search for excellence in the development of solutions for our clients, we also value the institutions and people who seek this excellence in the field of culture and art. That is why our support to the CIB arises, to fulfill the social commitment we have with the society where we live together.


Best Group Award

In Mazars, we believe that a real business goes beyond numbers, playing a fundamental role in fostering the cultural development of its community. We take this role as part of our identity which brings us closer to a wonderful human adventure – that of promoting diversity, cultural exchange, and values. Inspired by this, it is our pleasure and honor to, again, support CIB, particularly in the “Best Group” award.




a tua farmacia

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